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Hello! I have a public ShareX uploader. Whatever is uploaded here is private and only people with links can view it.

Steps to install ShareX and set my uploader are below.

If you already know and are aware of how to set these, please just click here to download the files you need.

  1. Install ShareX > Go to this website, and press download. After that, open the exe file and install the program, if you already have ShareX installed, skip over this step.
  2. Downloading the required files > Go to this link, right click, and save as onto your desktop, If you don't know how to do this, look at this gif.
  3. ShareX Settings > Go to ShareX's main windows (you can watch this gif if you don't know how to), and click on destinations, then in that window, click import, and select the file you downloaded. All the settings should have saved, and you can now click "test" to make sure it's working. If you didn't understand any of the stuff I just wrote, refer to this gif.
  4. Hotkeys > If you are for the first time using ShareX then you need to setup your hotkeys, because they might not be to your liking. By clicking here, there's an image to where you should go. Personally, I like this combination of hotkeys.

As you can see, I've been using the public uploader to upload the gifs and images so you are able to set it up!

Feel free to upload whatever your heart desires, but please, no NSFW content that'll get me arrested, because they know my address.